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2 (defs 1, 2).
Historical Examples

There is also the Eorse or the arse, and all these belong vnto saint Columbus abbeie.
Chronicles (1 of 6): The Description of Britaine Raphaell Holinshed

noun (slang)
the buttocks
the anus
a stupid person; fool
sexual intercourse
(Austral) effrontery; cheek
get one’s arse into gear, to start to do something seriously and quickly

“buttocks,” Old English ærs “tail, rump,” from Proto-Germanic *arsoz (cf. Old Saxon, Old High German, Old Norse ars, Middle Dutch ærs, German Arsch “buttock”), cognate with Greek orros “tail, rump, base of the spine,” Hittite arrash, Armenian or “buttock,” Old Irish err “tail.” Middle English had arse-winning “money obtained by prostitution” (late 14c.).


ass (1860+)


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