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a place of storage or a magazine containing arms and military equipment for land or naval service.
a government establishment where military equipment or munitions are manufactured.
a collection or supply of weapons or munitions.
a collection or supply of anything; store:
He came to the meeting with an impressive arsenal of new research data.
Contemporary Examples

Americans now own famous teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, arsenal, and Aston Villa.
How Two Incidents of Alleged Racism in English Soccer Have Shocked the Sport Edward Platt December 22, 2011

The arsenal was the main employer in Woolwich, but it was shut down after WWII when the Empire disappeared and the army shrunk.
Welcome to Woolwich, Where English Terrorists Say Sorry While They Murder Peter Pomerantsev May 22, 2013

Joint development of an arsenal of Awe should become a priority for both countries.
Memo to Bibi Netanyahu: It’s Time to Build an Arsenal of Awe Lloyd Green December 1, 2013

The arsenal has been converted to “Manhattan style, loft apartments,” the vast majority still unsold.
Welcome to Woolwich, Where English Terrorists Say Sorry While They Murder Peter Pomerantsev May 22, 2013

Historical Examples

He was given a post in the library of the arsenal, where he served for half a century, becoming director in 1889.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 3 Various

At length the car stopped, and they passed into the arsenal grounds.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

Morosini returned in triumph, bringing the Greek lions, which still stand in front of the arsenal.
Venice and its Story Thomas Okey

Colonel Carvel was off early to the arsenal in search of tidings.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

Accordingly, I smoothed my brow, and on the coach stopping at the arsenal, I descended with my usual face of preoccupation.
In Kings’ Byways Stanley J. Weyman

How Lyon chafed, and paced the arsenal walks while he might have saved the state.
The Crisis, Complete Winston Churchill

a store for arms, ammunition, and other military items
a workshop or factory that produces munitions
a store of anything regarded as weapons: an arsenal of destructive arguments

c.1500, “dockyard, dock with naval stores,” from Italian arzenale, from Arabic dar as-sina’ah “workshop,” literally “house of manufacture,” from dar “house” + sina’ah “art, craft, skill,” from sana’a “he made.”

Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, where the original players worked.


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