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Art direction


the management of the artistic and design elements of a project, esp. in film, television, advertising, or publishing; the work of an art director

Art direction is very important in today’s music videos.
Word Origin

Contemporary Examples

Hourani began to dabble with a myriad of artistic careers, from model scouting to styling to art direction.
Rad Hourani, The First Unisex Couture Designer Erin Cunningham January 28, 2014

Burton’s flick stormed theaters, bringing in just over $1 billion worldwide and won Oscars for art direction and costume design.
12 Sexed-Up Fairy Tales Alex Berg March 7, 2011

The show has won Emmys for art direction and cinematography, and Harris has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor twice.
The Best Show Nobody’s Watching Miriam Datskovsky November 9, 2008


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