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Chester Alan, 1830–86, 21st president of the U.S. 1881–85.
legendary king in ancient Britain: leader of the Knights of the Round Table.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

In the sequel, Downey is back as the Arthur Conan Doyle detective, along with director Guy Ritchie and Jude Law as Watson.
Movies: Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible 4’ and Downey in ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’ Ramin Setoodeh, Peter Travers December 15, 2011

Thank the nonexistent gods of Karl Marx that Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible so I could imagine the blacklist.
Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution Erica Jong March 26, 2012

The “he” is Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. “She,” of course, is Ms. Abramson.
Can We Trust The New York Times After the Abramson Debacle? Joe Concha May 18, 2014

In The Fall of Arthur, when Tolkien writes of Avalon, he means that same elvish island.
Tolkien’s Unfinished Epic: ‘The Fall of Arthur’ John Garth May 22, 2013

And Arthur Laffer, the creator of supply-side economics, may have fathered six children.
Keynes’s Gift to Posterity Michael Tomasky May 6, 2013

Historical Examples

If you will go and get ready for dinner, Arthur, said Mrs. Vincent, I will light the lamp.
Salem Chapel, v. 2/2 Mrs. Oliphant

It only lingers now in the writings of Ouida and the poems of Arthur Symonds.
The Green Carnation Robert Smythe Hichens

“But must go soon after, as I have an engagement,” added Arthur.
Elsie’s Womanhood Martha Finley

Arthur Manley whom a villain tries to ruin, is the hero of this book.
Lilith Ada Langworthy Collier

A day or two later, Arthur Duncan came in for the third time.
Maida’s Little Shop Inez Haynes Irwin

a legendary king of the Britons in the sixth century ad, who led Celtic resistance against the Saxons: possibly based on a historical figure; represented as leader of the Knights of the Round Table at Camelot
Chester Alan. 1830–86, 21st president of the US (1881–85)
(Austral & NZ, informal) not know whether one is Arthur or Martha, to be in a state of confusion

masc. proper name, from Medieval Latin Arthurus/Arturus, from Welsh arth “bear,” cognate with Greek arktos, Latin ursus (see Arctic).


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