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Artificial gravity

a simulated gravity or sensation of weight established within a spacecraft by means of the craft’s rotation, acceleration, or deceleration.
Historical Examples

The artificial gravity induced a sense of security as absolute as though the ship were resting on living rock.
The Star Lord Boyd Ellanby

Mr. Wordsley’s eyes protruded from that unbearable weight, and he wished that there was no such thing as artificial gravity.
The Marooner Charles A. Stearns

The energy of disintegration is used to drive the generators of the artificial gravity field, and there you are.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 Various

Due to the artificial gravity of the lifeboat it seemed perfectly stationary to its occupants.
Triplanetary Edward Elmer Smith

There were half a dozen of them, standing firmly, by virtue of the artificial gravity, somehow produced.
The Metal Moon Everett C. Smith

Joints creaking, muscles protesting, Ninon pushed herself up and out of the sling against the artificial gravity of the ship.
Time and the Woman G. Gordon Dewey

A fire extinguisher came loose from its fastenings and started flying around the room in complete defiance of artificial gravity.
Noble Redman Jesse Franklin Bone

When they fold up, the ship revolves; the closer together they get, the greater the artificial gravity.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

He released the button and the artificial gravity abated, but she remained dazed and relaxed.
No Charge for Alterations Horace Leonard Gold

At present we have the mathematics of the artificial matter to carry on, and the math of the artificial gravity to develop.
Invaders from the Infinite John Wood Campbell


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