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José Gervasio
[haw-se her-vah-syaw] /hɔˈsɛ hɛrˈvɑ syɔ/ (Show IPA), 1764–1850, Uruguayan soldier and patriot.
Historical Examples

But on the frontier of Buenos Aires this army joined the popular movement, and fraternised with the barbaric hordes of Artigas.
Ponce de Leon William Pilling

Whether any offering of any kind would have tempted Artigas is doubtful.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

But Artigas, contrary to the Director’s expectation, failed to make the intended use of the gifts.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

Notwithstanding his late check, Artigas still remained a power to be reckoned with.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

The treaty once concluded, however, Artigas initiated a move that in itself proved the greatness of the man.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

Arriving on the heels of his enemy at the point of hostilities, Artigas was not slow to act.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

Artigas fled to Paraguay, where he fell into the clutches of Francia, never to escape.
The Hispanic Nations of the New World William R. Shepherd

Here the entire collection of Artigas’s mixed forces made a stand.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

The shaft is surmounted by a bust that represents Artigas himself.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

The name of Artigas stands for that of the national hero of Uruguay.
Uruguay W. H. Koebel

José Gervasio. 1764–1850, the national hero of Uruguay. He fought for Uruguayan independence from Argentina, but was driven into exile in 1820


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