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any of a group of amines in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms of ammonia are replaced by aromatic groups.


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  • Arylate

    to introduce one or more groups into (a compound).

  • Arylation

    to introduce one or more groups into (a compound).

  • Arytenoid

    pertaining to either of two small cartilages on top of the cricoid cartilage at the upper, back part of the larynx. pertaining to the muscles connected with these cartilages. pertaining to the glands in the aryepiglottic fold of the larynx. an arytenoid cartilage, muscle, or gland. Historical Examples From its side at the back part […]

  • Arytenoid cartilage

    arytenoid cartilage arytenoid cartilage n. Either of a pair of small pyramidal laryngeal cartilages that articulate with the lamina of the cricoid cartilage and give attachment to the posterior part of the corresponding vocal ligament and to several muscles.

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