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pertaining to either of two small cartilages on top of the cricoid cartilage at the upper, back part of the larynx.
pertaining to the muscles connected with these cartilages.
pertaining to the glands in the aryepiglottic fold of the larynx.
an arytenoid cartilage, muscle, or gland.
Historical Examples

From its side at the back part project two rounded surfaces, which give attachment to the arytenoid cartilages.
The Voice in Singing Emma Seiler

With some effort the above-mentioned action of the arytenoid cartilages may be continued several tones higher.
The Voice in Singing Emma Seiler

This movement of the arytenoid cartilages may best be compared to that of a pair of scissors.
The Voice in Singing Emma Seiler

In the second series the glottis appears, by the inaction of the arytenoid cartilages, to be shortened.
The Voice in Singing Emma Seiler

When in their natural position the arytenoid cartilages resemble somewhat the mouth of a pitcher, hence their name.
A Practical Physiology Albert F. Blaisdell

The arytenoid cartilages are two small but very mobile bodies in the form of three-cornered pyramids.
The Voice in Singing Emma Seiler

It also furnishes a base of support for two very important structures, the arytenoid (arutaina, a ladle) cartilages.
Voice Production in Singing and Speaking Wesley Mills

The cartilages of the ear and the arytenoid cartilages are sometimes the seat of gouty deposits.
A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II Various

Other muscles are connected with the arytenoid cartilages which serve to seperate the vocal cords and to widely open the glottis.
A Practical Physiology Albert F. Blaisdell

Lucia cannot attend to the movements of her arytenoid cartilages while pouring out the trills and runs of her Mad Scene.
The Psychology of Singing David C. Taylor

denoting either of two small cartilages of the larynx that are attached to the vocal cords
denoting any of three small muscles of the larynx that narrow the space between the vocal cords
an arytenoid cartilage or muscle

arytenoid ar·y·te·noid (ār’ĭ-tē’noid’, ə-rĭt’n-oid’)

Either of two small pitcher-shaped cartilages at the back of the larynx to which the vocal cords are attached.

A muscle that is connected to either of these cartilages.

Any of several small mucous glands located in front of these cartilages.

Of or relating to these cartilages or an associated muscle or gland.ar’y·te·noid’al adj.


Read Also:

  • Arytenoid cartilage

    arytenoid cartilage arytenoid cartilage n. Either of a pair of small pyramidal laryngeal cartilages that articulate with the lamina of the cricoid cartilage and give attachment to the posterior part of the corresponding vocal ligament and to several muscles.

  • Arytenoid muscle

    arytenoid muscle arytenoid muscle n. A muscle with its origin in the muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage, with insertion to the summit of the arytenoid cartilage of the opposite side and the aryepiglottic fold as far as the epiglottis, with nerve supply from the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and whose action narrows the rima glottidis; […]

  • Arytenoidectomy

    arytenoidectomy arytenoidectomy ar·y·te·noi·dec·to·my (ār’ĭ-tē’noi-děk’tə-mē, ə-rĭt’n-oi-) n. Excision of an arytenoid cartilage.

  • Arytenoiditis

    arytenoiditis arytenoiditis ar·y·te·noi·di·tis (ār’ĭ-tē’noi-dī’tĭs, ə-rĭt’n-oi-) n. Inflammation of an arytenoid cartilage.

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