arytenoidectomy ar·y·te·noi·dec·to·my (ār’ĭ-tē’noi-děk’tə-mē, ə-rĭt’n-oi-)
Excision of an arytenoid cartilage.

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  • Arytenoiditis

    arytenoiditis arytenoiditis ar·y·te·noi·di·tis (ār’ĭ-tē’noi-dī’tĭs, ə-rĭt’n-oi-) n. Inflammation of an arytenoid cartilage.

  • Arytenoidopexy

    arytenoidopexy arytenoidopexy ar·y·te·noi·do·pexy (ār’ĭ-tə-noi’də-pěk’sē, ə-rĭt’n-oi’-) n. Surgical fixation of the arytenoid cartilages or muscles.

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