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  • Ascb

    ascb American Society for Cell Biology

  • Ascaris lumbricoides

    ascaris lumbricoides Ascaris lumbricoides Ascaris lum·bri·coi·des (lŭm’brĭ-koi’dēz) n. A common roundworm that is parasitic in the intestines of humans and that causes restlessness, fever, and sometimes diarrhea.

  • Aschheim-zondek test

    a test used to detect whether a woman is pregnant by noting the effect on the ovaries of an immature mouse or rabbit injected with her urine.

  • Aschoff body

    any of the spindleshaped nodules found in heart tissue and associated with the myocarditis of rheumatic fever. Aschoff body Asch·off body (āsh’ôf’, ä’shôf’) n. A granulomatous inflammation characteristic of acute rheumatic carditis, consisting of fibrinoid changes in connective tissue and lymphocytes.

  • Ascus

    the sac in ascomycetes in which the sexual spores are formed. Historical Examples Other species contain linear sporidia, which are often the length of the ascus, and may either be simple or septate. Fungi: Their Nature and Uses Mordecai Cubitt Cooke In the latter species there are only two spores in an ascus. Studies of […]

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