a city in Germany, on the River Main in Bavaria: seat of the Imperial Diet (1447); ceded to Bavaria in 1814. Pop: 68 607 (2003 est)
Historical Examples

We could see the trains which ran on the main line from Hanau to aschaffenburg.
Three Times and Out Nellie L. McClung

Tell him he is to go on an expedition to aschaffenburg to-night, by order of the staff officer.
The Prussian Terror Alexandre Dumas

We reached aschaffenburg at three in the morning, and were informed that we were to stop there for five hours.
Wounded and a Prisoner of War Malcolm V. (Malcolm Vivian) Hay

They laid him in the stern of the boat on a mattress and blanket fetched from aschaffenburg.
The Prussian Terror Alexandre Dumas

Then, according to their orders, they had rallied at the head of the aschaffenburg bridge.
The Prussian Terror Alexandre Dumas

A reserve of eight hundred men had been lodged in aschaffenburg to defend the town if it were attacked.
The Prussian Terror Alexandre Dumas

aschaffenburg, called in the middle ages Aschafaburg and also Askenburg, was originally a Roman settlement.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7 Various

The later works of Vischer were a few reliefs and two important monuments at aschaffenburg and Wittenberg.
A History of Art for Beginners and Students Clara Erskine Clement

In utter ignorance of their danger the English marched on along the narrow plain by the river bank towards aschaffenburg.
Bonnie Prince Charlie G. A. Henty

Further on, they saw the smoke of the burning houses in aschaffenburg.
The Prussian Terror Alexandre Dumas

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