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Arthur (Robert, Jr) 1943–93, U.S. tennis player.
Historical Examples

Mr. Ashe, before he puts a log on the carriage now he goes over it from end to end.
Sudden Jim Clarence Budington Kelland

“She found it without much difficulty,” Mr. Ashe said, smiling.
Blue Bonnet in Boston Caroline E. Jacobs

Ashe, in a straw hat and light suit, made his usual impression of strength and good-humor.
The Marriage of William Ashe Mrs. Humphry Ward

“Yes, you are to have whatever you need, Honey,” Mr. Ashe interrupted.
Blue Bonnet in Boston Caroline E. Jacobs

Kelgarries and Ashe entered, and at the sight of Ashe the taut feeling in Ross’s middle loosened a bit.
The Time Traders Andre Norton

Do you know of any one who would be likely to put the book in your drawer, Miss Ashe?
Blue Bonnet in Boston Caroline E. Jacobs

Ashe was studying the problem, willing to talk out difficulties as he always had before.
Key Out of Time Andre Alice Norton

Mr. Ashe laughed as he smoothed out a pucker in his niece’s brow.
Blue Bonnet in Boston Caroline E. Jacobs

“There is a certain repetition in this which suggests a lot to the suspicious mind,” Ashe agreed.
The Time Traders Andre Norton

“We’re twins,—me and her,” Gabriel announced, directing his remarks to Mr. Ashe.
Blue Bonnet in Boston Caroline E. Jacobs

Arthur (Robert). 1943–93, US tennis player: US champion 1968; Wimbledon champion 1975
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