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Arthur, 1821–95, English mathematician.
Historical Examples

Three times in the past five years Mr. Cayley’s colleagues had offered to present him with a testimonial.
The Lighter Side of School Life Ian Hay

“Matters look bad for that fellow, Cayley Pounce,” he observed.
The Beth Book Sarah Grand

Not necessarily discreditable to Cayley, even though he were hiding something.
The Red House Mystery A. A. Milne

I particularly wished Cayley Drummle to be one of us to-night.
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

It will mean breaking open the box, and letting Cayley know that we’ve done it.
The Red House Mystery A. A. Milne

Do you know, Cayley, that even the Orreyeds serve a useful purpose?
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

Well, she’s going to town, Cayley says here, and his visit’s at an end.
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

Cayley drew Houghton back from where they stood and away from the horse.
Cumner & South Sea Folk, Complete Gilbert Parker

Ask Cayley to have your luggage sent in to Stanton, ready for you when you catch a train there after the inquest.
The Red House Mystery A. A. Milne

I will plead forgetfulness now of Captain Cayley, since you force it on me.
Miss Cayley’s Adventures Grant Allen

Arthur. 1821–93, British mathematician, who invented matrices
Sir George. 1773–1857, British engineer and pioneer of aerial navigation. He constructed the first man-carrying glider (1853) and invented the caterpillar tractor
symbolic mathematics, tool
A symbolic mathematics system for group theory written by John Cannon of the University of Sydney, Australia in 1976.
Cayley was used at about 100 sites but has been superseded by a much more general system, Magma.
[“An Introduction to the Group Theory Language CAYLEY”, J. Cannon, Computational Group Theory, M.D. Atkinson ed, Academic Press 1984, pp. 148-183].
Latest version: V3.7, for Sun, Apollo, VAX/VMS.


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