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Evelyn, born 1957, U.S. track athlete.
Contemporary Examples

Nationally, Ashford University has received $110 million to educate Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the last five years.
‘Degree Mills’ Are Exploiting Veterans and Making Millions Off the GI Bill Aaron Glantz June 27, 2014

Joel had his heart set on directing the movie, and I had mine set on Ashford and Simpson writing the music.
The Saga of Whitney Houston’s Last Movie, ‘Sparkle’ Howard Rosenman February 12, 2012

Berry Gordy was my idol, and Ashford and Simpson were my favorite songwriters.
The Saga of Whitney Houston’s Last Movie, ‘Sparkle’ Howard Rosenman February 12, 2012

Historical Examples

Let me see,” said Mrs. Ashford, “what is the name of that band?
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

“I found him most kind and considerate, Mr. Ashford,” she said coldly.
Trent’s Trust and Other Stories Bret Harte

“Don’t you be ‘fraid, Mrs. Ashford; there isn’t a mite of danger,” said Hiram, gathering up the reins.
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

“I think I can find it pretty easily,” Mrs. Ashford replied.
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

That’s all well enough for Evaline,” said Mrs. Ashford, “but Marty has no right to sell your flowers.
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

But they failed to satisfy Mr Ashford that they were not to blame for what had occurred.
Follow My leader Talbot Baines Reed

Mrs. Ashford asked what was the matter with Jennie and how long she had been ill.
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

a market town in SE England, in central Kent. Pop: 58 936 (2001)


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