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a person who collects and disposes of , garbage, and refuse.
Historical Examples

Mr. ashman’s main prayer was a most touching one and it moved many in the congregation to tears.
The Comstock Club Charles Carroll Goodwin

The ashman was raising a can of ashes above his head to dump the contents into his cart, when the bottom of the can came out.
Toaster’s Handbook Peggy Edmund and Harold W. Williams, compilers

Mr. Seward some weeks ago took credit to himself for having recalled Mr. ashman on finding that his mission was ill looked on.
Lord Lyons: A Record of British Diplomacy Thomas Wodehouse Legh Newton

This project was favored by Colonel ashman, and he agreed to furnish a company of rangers to join them.
History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata Valley U. J. (Uriah James) Jones

I may confess that it was with some difficulty I rescued this coat from the ashman, to whom your mother had given it.
Why Joan? Eleanor Mercein Kelly

Mr. ashman’s book is a little bewildering to an outsider who fails to distinguish the two vital forces.
Mystic London: Charles Maurice Davies

Following the man’s eyes, Courtier saw against the sky-line on the for above ashman’s Folly, an equestrian statue.
The Patrician John Galsworthy

“Fare ye close upon our heels, Wilkin and ashman,” the Knight commanded.
The Deserter, and Other Stories Harold Frederic

No wonder the ashman is not more thorough: he learns from his masters.
The Promised Land Mary Antin

Mr. ashman also had the honor to convey the formal notice of the nomination to Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois.
Ocean to Ocean on Horseback Willard Glazier


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