Sir Frederick (William) 1906–1988, English dancer and choreographer, born in Ecuador.
Contemporary Examples

Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, and Ashton Kutcher did not respond to requests for comment via their representatives.
Demi Moore’s Downward Spiral Since Her Split From Ashton Kutcher Marlow Stern July 16, 2012

“No sooner had he dropped the 11th-hour witness on our doorstep than he whisked him away,” writes Ashton.
Death-Penalty Issue, Abuse Defense: 7 Revelations in Casey Anthony Book November 15, 2011

From a reading of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to jokes about Ashton Kutcher and pirates, watch the weirdest moments.
Highlight Reel: 11 Craziest Moments From Ted Cruz’s Quasi-Filibuster Ben Jacobs, The Daily Beast Video September 24, 2013

“She walks with great confidence to her office,” Ashton told the jury.
In the Jury’s Hands Diane Dimond July 3, 2011

“George is not a Machiavellian self-interested monster,” Ashton said calmly on the last day of rebuttal.
In the Jury’s Hands Diane Dimond July 3, 2011

Historical Examples

“I am––that is, I––My tent was right there between those two trees,” said Ashton.
Out of the Depths Robert Ames Bennet

“I do not agree with you in your religious sentiments, Ashton, as you know,” said George.
Life in London Edwin Hodder

My friend Ashton was almost gone when I dragged him into our boat; a few minutes more would have finished him.
There She Blows! William Hussey Macy

Ashton was taken by surprise at seeing Mr. Brunton where he least expected to see him.
Life in London Edwin Hodder

Mrs. Ashton went quietly up, put her arms round Lucy, and kissed her many times.
Johnny Ludlow, Second Series Mrs. Henry Wood

Sir Frederick. 1906–88, British ballet dancer and choreographer. His ballets include Façade (1931), to music by Walton, La Fille mal gardée (1960), The Dream (1964), and A Month in the Country (1976)

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