a native African police officer or soldier, especially one serving a colonial administration.
Historical Examples

The askaris kept double guard; but at dawn eleven of the porters were missing.
Sacrifice Stephen French Whitman

We had four askaris, one of whom was the noisiest man I have ever heard.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Both porters were on a broad grin, laughing and talking in subdued tones to the askaris.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

“Hope they don’t wing one another,” he remarked of the askaris’ volley.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

On the best authority the Germans had 2500 white troops and 4200 askaris at the beginning of the War.
Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O. J.G. Millais

His load was missing: evidently one of the askaris had taken it up.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

Some have told me that you are not askaris, that you are common porters–and not good ones–who carry guns.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

Shouldn’t we order out our askaris with their guns to make the parade?
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

There is now no need for headmen and askaris to handle this little lot.
The Land of Footprints Stewart Edward White

Accompanied by Simba, Mali-ya-bwana, and three askaris he took the back track.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

(in East Africa) a soldier or policeman

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