appearance to the eye or mind; look:
the physical aspect of the country.
nature; quality; character:
the superficial aspect of the situation.
a way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation; view:
both aspects of a decision.
part; feature; phase:
That is the aspect of the problem that interests me most.
facial expression; countenance:
He wore an aspect of gloom. Hers was an aspect of happy optimism.
bearing; air; mien:
warlike in aspect.
view commanded; exposure:
The house has a southern aspect.
the side or surface facing a given direction:
the dorsal aspect of a fish; the northern aspect of the house.

a category or interrelated set of categories for which the verb is inflected in some languages, typically to indicate the duration, repetition, completion, or quality of the action or state denoted by the verb.
a set of syntactic devices, as in the English perfect with have in I have gone, with functions similar to such inflections.
any of the members or instances of these categories or sets:
the Latin perfect aspect; the Russian imperfect aspect.
the meaning of, or meaning typical of, such a category or construction.
such categories or constructions, or their meanings collectively.


the angular distance between two points as seen from the earth, primarily derived by dividing the 360 degrees of the zodiac by the integers 1 through 12.
the influence of any two planets or groups of planets located at such points.

Archaic. a look; glance.
Contemporary Examples

The immensely strong hold of the Bible Belt culture transcends nearly every aspect of lesbian life in southern Mississippi.
Mississippi Is Hell for These Lesbians Emily Shire August 7, 2014

That is the core problem, but the Obama administration is only dealing with one aspect of it, and in the smallest way possible.
Finally, Home Care Workers Start Fighting Back Monica Potts October 18, 2014

It does, however, get at the Hail Mary aspect of both picks by nominees behind in the polls.
Hillary Supporters Should Want to Complete Ferraro’s Unfinished Business Jill Lawrence February 11, 2014

Gazzaley pointed out this aspect of games when explaining the success of NeuroRacer.
Videogames May Improve Brain Function in Older Adults Josh Dzieza September 8, 2013

Both Emanuel and Endeavor declined to comment on any aspect of this article.
Hollywood’s Coming Culture Clash Kim Masters March 24, 2009

Historical Examples

Nothing about the aspect of the other rooms of the chateau had struck you as familiar?
The Orchard of Tears Sax Rohmer

The first aspect of Rotterdam is strongly in favour of the people.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327 Various

She slowly rose at this, facing him with an aspect as handsomely mild as his own.
Some Short Stories Henry James

Hawarden is called a Castle, but it has not, either in its exterior or interior, the aspect of a Castle.
The Grand Old Man Richard B. Cook

The chill presence of death has altered the aspect of everything.
The Browning Cyclopdia Edward Berdoe

appearance to the eye; visual effect: the physical aspect of the landscape
a distinct feature or element in a problem, situation, etc; facet: to consider every aspect of a problem
the way in which a problem, idea, etc, may be considered: to consider a problem from every aspect
a facial expression; manner of appearing: a severe aspect
a position facing a particular direction; outlook: the southern aspect of a house
a view in a certain direction: a good aspect of the village from the tower
a surface that faces in a given direction: the ventral aspect of a fish
(astrology) any of several specific angular distances between two planets or a planet and the Ascendant or Midheaven measured, from the earth, in degrees along the ecliptic
(grammar) a category of verbs or verbal inflections that expresses such features as the continuity, repetition, or completedness of the action described Compare perfective (sense 2), progressive (sense 8), progressive (sense 10)

the compass direction to which a plant habitat is exposed, or the degree of exposure
the effect of the seasons on the appearance of plants

(archaic) glance or gaze

late 14c., an astrological term, “relative position of the planets as they appear from earth” (i.e., how they “look on” one another); later also “way of viewing things,” from Latin aspectus “seeing, looking, appearance,” from past participle of aspicere “to look at,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + specere “to look” (see scope (n.1)). Meaning “the look one wears, the appearance of things” attested by early 15c.

aspect as·pect (ās’pěkt)

An appearance or look.

The side of an object that faces in a particular direction.

tool, programming
An IPSE developed by an Alvey project, using Z to specify the object-management system and tool interface.
Algebraic specification of abstract data types. A strict functional language that compiles to C.
Versions of ASpecT are available for Sun, Ultrix, NeXT, Macintosh, OS/2 2.0, Linux, RS/6000, Atari, Amiga.
In aspect-oriented programming, a modular unit of control over emergent entities.

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