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to articulate (a speech sound, especially a stop) so as to produce an audible puff of breath, as with the first t of total, the second t being unaspirated.
to articulate (the beginning of a word or syllable) with an h -sound, as in which, pronounced (hwich), or hitch as opposed to witch or itch.


to remove (a fluid) from a body cavity by use of an or suction syringe.
to inhale (fluid or a foreign body) into the bronchi and lungs, often after vomiting.

to draw or remove by suction.
Phonetics. a speech sound having as an obvious concomitant an audible puff of breath, as initial stop consonants or initial h -sounds.
Medicine/Medical. the substance or contents that have been aspirated.
Phonetics. (of a speech sound) pronounced with or accompanied by ; aspirated.
Historical Examples

Fill 10 litres of water into the aspirating bottle and attach a piece of rubber tubing with a screw clamp to the delivery tube.
The Elements of Bacteriological Technique John William Henry Eyre

Can it be shown that Dorset-men are given to aspirating their words?
Notes and Queries, Number 74, March 29, 1851 Various

The changes on the beginning of nouns are made by aspirating an initial consonant; that is, writing h after it.
Elements of Gaelic Grammar Alexander Stewart

The changes on the beginning are made by aspirating an initial consonant.
Elements of Gaelic Grammar Alexander Stewart

The tube is dried by aspirating air through it, and gently warming with a Bunsen burner.
A Textbook of Assaying: For the Use of Those Connected with Mines. Cornelius Beringer and John Jacob Beringer

An aspirating needle was introduced, and 16 ounces of pus were drawn off.
Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900 George Henry Makins

In addition to aspirating synovia, the introduction of equal parts of alcohol and tincture of iodin into the theca is necessary.
Lameness of the Horse John Victor Lacroix

“Allow me the honour,” said the gentleman with the whiskers, presenting his dexter hand, and aspirating the h.
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 2(of 2) Charles Dickens

verb (transitive) (ˈæspɪˌreɪt)

to articulate (a stop) with some force, so that breath escapes with audible friction as the stop is released
to pronounce (a word or syllable) with an initial h

to draw in or remove by inhalation or suction, esp to suck (air or fluid) from a body cavity or to inhale (fluid) into the lungs after vomiting
to supply air to (an internal-combustion engine)
noun (ˈæspɪrɪt)

a stop pronounced with an audible release of breath
the glottal fricative represented in English and several other languages as h

adjective (ˈæspɪrɪt)
(phonetics) (of a stop) pronounced with a forceful and audible expulsion of breath

1725, “sound of the letter ‘H’,” especially at the beginning of a word, from Latin aspiratio “a breathing, exhalation, the pronunciation of the letter H” (see aspire).

“to pronounce with audible breath,” 1700; perhaps a back-formation from aspiration (n.2), or from French aspirer (1520s), or directly from Latin aspiratus, past participle of aspirare (see aspire). Related: Aspirated; aspirating.

aspirate as·pi·rate (ās’pə-rāt’)
v. as·pi·rat·ed, as·pi·rat·ing, as·pi·rates
To take in or remove by aspiration. n. (-pər-ĭt)
A substance removed by aspiration.


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