a stupid, mean, or contemptible person.
the worst part of a place or thing.

Slang. stupid, mean, or contemptible.
Contemporary Examples

As a first offender, A-Rod was poised to take the fall for JWA: Juicing While an asshole.
A-Rod the Scapegoat Allen St. John August 4, 2013

But why is Brown, at least right now, seen as anything but asshole of the Month?
Does Chris Brown Really Deserve a Break? Lynn Harris March 2, 2009

(US & Canadian, slang, derogatory) the arsehole See arse

variant of arsehole (also see ass (n.2)). Meaning “contemptible person,” mid-1930s.


The anus; rectum
A despised person; bastard, shithead: Teenagers can be such assholes/ Better not, you butthole (1930s+)
asshole buddy
The most despised and loathsome part; armpit: This town’s the asshole of the North

Related Terms

blow it out, break out into assholes, flamer, tangle assholes

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