a person who or gives aid and support; helper.
a person who is subordinate to another in rank, function, etc.; one holding a secondary rank in an office or post:
He was assistant to the office manager.
something that aids and supplements another.
a faculty member of a college or university who ranks below an instructor and whose responsibilities usually include grading papers, supervising laboratories, and in teaching.
; helpful.
serving in an immediately subordinate position; of secondary rank:
an assistant coach.
Contemporary Examples

Theoretically, the House could impeach and the Senate could convict Bybee for his behavior as an assistant attorney general.
Should the Judge Who Wrote the Torture Memos Be Impeached? John W. Dean April 20, 2009

Her assistant was sent off to bring her outfit to the venue where the event was held.
Confessions of a Red Carpet Escort Itay Hod January 12, 2011

He set a goal to work as an assistant to legendary Allure creative director Polly Mellen, which he achieved.
MTV’s Mr. Nice Guy Enid Portuguez April 25, 2010

The assistant who referred him: a woman known only as “Nadia.”
The Fake Dentist Murder Winston Ross March 14, 2010

She became an assistant district attorney and, in 1978, won a race for Congress on the slogan, “Finally… a tough Democrat.”
Hillary Supporters Should Want to Complete Ferraro’s Unfinished Business Jill Lawrence February 11, 2014

Historical Examples

Herr Seelenfromm, assistant to the apothecary Pflaum, had taught her.
The Goose Man Jacob Wassermann

I called to my assistant, who was now on the other side of the raft.
Down The River Oliver Optic

She was planning an276 extension of her classes, the employment of an assistant.
The Crux Charlotte Perkins Gilman

He waved a cheerful salutation and hurried to his place beside the assistant.
The Root of Evil Thomas Dixon

She made a call on Ruth and discussed her cases with her until in the end she made of her a sort of first assistant.
One Way Out William Carleton


a person who assists, esp in a subordinate position
(as modifier): assistant manager

See shop assistant
(archaic) helpful or useful as an aid

mid-15c., assistent “one who helps or aids another,” from Middle French assistent, adjective and noun, properly present participle of assister (see assist (v.)).

mid-15c., “helpful, of assistance,” from Middle French assistent (see assistant (n.)).

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