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a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer.
Contemporary Examples

Fashion long ago stopped trickling down from an atelier on high.
The Look That Defined Fashion Week Robin Givhan September 15, 2011

Specifically, Brit rocks an atelier Bordelle bra top and earrings by Lynn Ban.
Britney Spears’s 10 Looks in “Work Bitch” Amy Zimmerman October 1, 2013

I flew to Paris and spent several days in the atelier with Suzanne, who helped me choose all of the looks.
My Friend Jean Paul Gaultier, By Dita Von Teese Dita Von Teese October 23, 2013

It began at the invitation of close friends who worked in the Gibraltar-born designer’s atelier.
Paris’ Sad Galliano Expo Tracy McNicoll June 20, 2011

“For me, the atelier Ermanno Scervino is a safe place where I feel protected by friendship,” he told the paper.
Renaissance Wedding Bells for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Barbie Latza Nadeau May 16, 2014

Historical Examples

The work of retouching requires certain appliances to facilitate it, and its own special room or atelier.
Photography in the Studio and in the Field Edward M. Estabrooke

The look of the atelier—the first she had ever been in in her life—disappointed her.
Jacqueline, Complete (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon

When about twenty-two or twenty-three Rodin entered the atelier of Carrier-Belleuse.
Rodin: The Man and his Art Judith Cladel

M. de Nailles’s orders had been that she was to sit in the atelier.
Jacqueline, Complete (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon

His atelier is one of the few in Paris which are open to women, and several American ladies have enjoyed its advantages.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 4, No. 23, September, 1859 Various

an artist’s studio or workshop

1840, from French atelier “workshop,” from Old French astelier “(carpenter’s) workshop, woodpile” (14c.), from astele “piece of wood, a shaving, splinter,” probably from Late Latin hastella “a thin stick,” diminutive of hasta “spear, shaft” (see yard (n.2)).


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