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an ancient Greek goddess personifying the fatal blindness or recklessness that produces crime and the divine punishment that follows it.
Historical Examples

“I ‘ates them as gives themselves airs in other people’s ‘ouses,” had been Sims’ verdict on the nurse.
I Walked in Arden Jack Crawford

The Gardener: “‘Cause I ‘ates the sight of the blooming thing.”
Jokes For All Occasions Anonymous

The pig, the crathur, won’t get fat; he ates everything he can reach, and still he looks like a basket wid a skin over it.
Fairies and Folk of Ireland William Henry Frost

Can’t you wait till he ates a thrifle o’ some-thin’ stout, to keep life in him, afther his hard journey?
The Poor Scholar William Carleton

We don’t work for it; it’s the bread of shame and idleness: and yet it’s Owen M’Carthy that ates it!
Phelim O’toole’s Courtship and Other Stories William Carleton

Is she alive, is she dead, does she iver dhream iv him as she ates her hay an’ rubs her back agin th’ bars iv her gilded cage?
Mr. Dooley Says Finley Dunne

Which she will be some day, said cook; and I ates to think of it.
A Very Naughty Girl L. T. Meade

the past tense of eat
(Greek myth) a goddess who makes men blind so that they will blunder into guilty acts

past tense of eat (q.v.).

Greek goddess of infatuation and evil, from ate “infatuation, bane, ruin, mischief,” of uncertain origin.
automatic test equipment


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