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Gertrude (Franklin) (Gertrude Franklin Horn) 1857–1948, U.S. novelist.
Contemporary Examples

Even as the Twenties roared, Atherton, and her many readers across the country, were roaring back.
American Dreams, 1923: Black Oxen by Gertrude Atherton Nathaniel Rich March 27, 2013

Like Atherton Elementary in Atlanta, this was a “statistically improbable” one-year gain of close to 50 percentage points.
Public-School Children Cheated by Perverse Performance Pay Incentives Sol Stern March 31, 2013

Historical Examples

“It was my wish that you should be kept in ignorance of the matter,” observed Atherton.
The Manchester Rebels of the Fatal ’45 William Harrison Ainsworth

“Miss Atherton must be very proud,” said he, returning to his work.
A Dog with a Bad Name Talbot Baines Reed

It was a mania which must be indulged for the time, and he could only trust to Atherton to keep him advised concerning her.
A Modern Instance William Dean Howells

Jerry had improved in every respect since he went to Atherton.
Miss Ashton’s New Pupil Mrs. S. S. Robbins

Now Atherton was, of course, well-nigh spent; he had followed instructions to the dot, and was not expected to finish.
At Start and Finish William Lindsey

And Dr. Atherton hadn’t looked at us full in the face while he talked.
Fifty-Two Stories For Girls Various

By-and-by Dr. Atherton came, and ordered us down to the saloon, and made us each drink a glass of wine.
Fifty-Two Stories For Girls Various

Atherton bowed, and was about to retire, when Sir Richard stopped him.
The Manchester Rebels of the Fatal ’45 William Harrison Ainsworth

Mike, full name Michael Andrew Atherton. born 1968, English cricketer: played for Lancashire (1987–2001) and England (1989–2001); captain of England (1993–1998)


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