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having a keen desire; eager (often followed by for):
She has long been athirst for European travel.
Archaic. .
Historical Examples

“And from those tinkling springs for whose water I already am athirst,” added Bradford.
Standish of Standish Jane G. Austin

See, he yet strives to throw the poison from him; twice have I given him the cup and yet he is athirst.
Cleopatra H. Rider Haggard

athirst for glory, thou wouldst rush on death, And for thy country’s sake wouldst greatly perish.
The Inflexible Captive Hannah More

Yet I trust I am too good a Christian to refuse any man drink that is athirst.
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle

If eulogiums did not seem to him duly bestowed, his soul, athirst for justice and truth, repelled them indignantly.
My Recollections of Lord Byron Teresa Guiccioli

On a sultry day in August we struggled, dusty and athirst, into Vienna.
A Tramp’s Wallet William Duthie

The horn she raised to her lips, athirst,The innocent heart in her bosom burst.
A Bibliography of the writings in Prose and Verse of George Henry Borrow Thomas J. Wise

We are overcome with long travel, sore hungered and athirst.
Sarchedon G. J. (George John) Whyte-Melville

He was athirst for vengeance, as he had shown me, and determined that neither I nor Gambara should escape.
The Strolling Saint Raphael Sabatini

I drink to my wife; may she never be athirst, the poor darling.
The Legend of Ulenspiegel, Vol. II (of 2) Charles de Coster

adjective (postpositive)
(often foll by for) having an eager desire; longing
(archaic) thirsty


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