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from one side of a to the other.
Historical Examples

Athwart—Across, as athwartships, meaning that a thing is lying across the vessel.
On Yacht Sailing Thomas Fleming Day

For a boat to take along, I made shift to cut a castaway dory in two athwartships, boarding up the end where it was cut.
Sailing Alone Around The World Joshua Slocum

A torrent poured down the athwartships alleyway, and nearly swept me from my feet.
The Sea and the Jungle H. M. Tomlinson

At all times except when whales were alongside, this bench was securely lashed athwartships against the rear of the Try-works.
Moby Dick; or The Whale Herman Melville

(nautical) from one side to the other of a vessel at right angles to the keel


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