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a city in and the capital of Georgia, in the N part.
a state in the SE United States. 58,876 sq. mi. (152,489 sq. km).
Capital: Atlanta.
Abbreviation: GA (for use with zip code), Ga.
Also called Georgian Republic. a republic in Transcaucasia, bordering on the Black Sea, N of Turkey and Armenia: an independent kingdom for about 2000 years. 26,872 sq. mi. (69,700 sq. km).
Capital: Tbilisi.
Strait of, an inlet of the Pacific in SW Canada between Vancouver Island and the mainland. 150 miles (240 km) long.
a female given name: George + feminine ending -a.
Contemporary Examples

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and my Family moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn when I was Three.
Spike Lee Blasts The New York Times’ Story on Brooklyn Gentrification in Fiery Op-Ed Marlow Stern March 30, 2014

When I first started seeing Herman Cain, I lived in Louisville, but within a year I got a job offer here in Atlanta.
Ginger White on Herman Cain’s Exit, His Arrogance—and Her Sex Claims Leslie Bennetts December 4, 2011

Vanessa has lived in Atlanta for 11 years—“way too long,” she says.
Jane Fonda’s Daughter on Green Sex Lloyd Grove September 10, 2009

Morris, who spent a decade as an Atlanta topographer, didn’t really like to work.
The Man Who Fell for ‘King Con’ Gina Piccalo November 30, 2010

The Atlanta Constitution later editorialized that no political event had so moved the white South in twenty years.
Up From History, Part 4 David Frum February 3, 2013

Historical Examples

The boat started down the river at the same time that Chase left for Atlanta.
The Expressman and the Detective Allan Pinkerton

It was discovered beyond a doubt that the package had been sent from Atlanta.
The Expressman and the Detective Allan Pinkerton

And we got along just as we always did—until my father came and told us he was going to Atlanta with a crew of Yankees.
Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4 Work Projects Administration

On arriving at Atlanta he proceeded to the Atlanta House, and was given a room.
The Expressman and the Detective Allan Pinkerton

They heard the soldiers was coming to Atlanta and knowed they would come by Marietta.
Slave Narratives: Arkansas Narratives Work Projects Administration

a city in N Georgia: the state capital. Pop: 423 019 (2003 est)
a republic in NW Asia, on the Black Sea: an independent kingdom during the middle ages, it was divided by Turkey and Persia in 1555; became part of Russia in 1918 and a separate Soviet republic in 1936; its independence was recognized internationally in 1992. It is rich in minerals and has hydroelectric resources. Official language: Georgian. Religion: believers are mainly Christian or Muslim. Currency: lari. Capital: Tbilisi. Pop: 4 555 911 (2013 est). Area: 69 493 sq km (26 831 sq miles)
a state of the southeastern US, on the Atlantic: consists of coastal plains with forests and swamps, rising to the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachians in the northwest Capital: Atlanta. Pop: 8 684 715 (2003 est). Area: 152 489 sq km (58 876 sq miles) Abbreviation Ga, (with zip code) GA

the U.S. state was named for King George II of Great Britain. The Caucasian nation is so-called for St. George, who is its patron saint (his cult there may continue that of a pre-Christian deity with whom he was later identified), but the name also is said to derive from Arabic or Persian Kurj, or Gurz (the form in the earliest sources), said to be a name of the native people, of unknown origin. In modern Georgia, the name of the country is Sakartvelo and the people’s name is Kartveli.

Capital of Georgia and largest city in the state.

Note: Atlanta was plundered by the Union army during the Civil War. (See Sherman’s march to the sea.)

Republic in extreme southwestern Asia on the Black Sea, bordered to the north and northeast by Russia, to the east by Azerbaijan, and to the south by Armenia and Turkey. Its capital and largest city is Tbilisi.

Note: This former member of the Soviet Union declared its independence in 1991.

State in the southeastern United States bordered by Tennessee and North Carolina to the north, South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Florida to the south, and Alabama to the west. Its capital and largest city is Atlanta.

Note: Last of the thirteen colonies to be founded (1733).

Note: One of the Confederate states during the Civil War.


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