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Atlantic city

a city in SE New Jersey: seashore resort.
Contemporary Examples

He recently opposed instituting sports betting in Atlantic City.
Buzz Bissinger on the NFL’s No Good, Very Bad Season Buzz Bissinger January 1, 2013

Harry will NOT repeat NOT now be spending a few days privately in Atlantic City.
Prince Harry’s U.S. Tour: Rolling Updates and all the News and Pictures as It Happens Tom Sykes May 14, 2013

The Revel casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was equipped with a particularly elaborate video system.
Ray Rice Should Have Remembered His ‘Kindness’ Anti-Bullying Wristband Michael Daly September 9, 2014

Much like the Taj Mahal, Revel opened in classically gaudy Atlantic City style in April 2012—with a sunrise Champagne toast.
I Watched a Casino Kill Itself: The Awful Last Nights of Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal Olivia Nuzzi December 7, 2014

According to the Press of Atlantic City, a law banning baggy pants took effect this past week in Terrebone Parish, Louisiana.
New Jersey Town Could Ban Baggy Pants Erin Cunningham May 29, 2013

Historical Examples

I have never visited any of our seaside resorts during the summer season, so I cannot well compare Atlantic City with any of them.
Over Here Hector MacQuarrie

There are political and social advantages which make Atlantic City ideal.
Opportunities in Aviation Arthur Sweetser

He was producing a play at Atlantic City that seemed doomed from the start.
Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

The ride to Atlantic City was most exhilarating, and Patty enjoyed every minute of it.
Patty’s Summer Days Carolyn Wells

We resolve to cut in between the two, to make the land below Atlantic City, and take advantage of territorial waters.
Merchantmen-at-Arms David W. Bone

a resort in SE New Jersey on Absecon Beach, an island on the Atlantic coast. Pop: 40 385 (2003 est)

City in southeastern New Jersey.

Note: A seaside resort and convention center. Gambling, which has been legal there since the 1970s, draws many visitors. The Boardwalk, which was first built in the late nineteenth century, is lined with shops and hotels.

Note: The street names of Atlantic City were used in the game Monopoly.


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