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atmosphere; atmospheres.
ampere-turns per meter.
Contemporary Examples

Upon your return, an officer from Customs and Border Protection directs you to a kiosk that looks like an ATM.
U.S. Tests a Lie Detector–Type Machine for Interrogations on the Mexican Border G. W. Schulz July 18, 2012

If you had the choice, would you rather use your debit card or your smartphone to access your account at an ATM?
New Bank ATMs Feature Human Presence CNBC August 4, 2013

He once quipped that the greatest innovation coming from the men of high finance was the ATM.
Volcker Rule Is a Sad End to a Brilliant Career Charlie Gasparino January 4, 2011

To my delight, one room was entirely empty minus an ATM machine.
Illegal New York Poker Clubs: A Former Waitress Reveals What Goes on Inside Sara Copeland April 11, 2012

For example, if you lose or forget your ATM card, you can prove your identity by showing the teller a driver’s license.
New Bank ATMs Feature Human Presence CNBC August 4, 2013

The good: he castigated “those special interests who think the federal government is their ATM.”
Throw the Bums Out! John Avlon May 18, 2010

But money would not likely be a hindrance for Perry, whose state is an ATM for the political right.
Rick Perry Just Might Run Peter J. Boyer May 26, 2011

Historical Examples

So also is the ATM in man ere evolution and struggle have begun.
Avatras Annie Besant

This is represented by the curve FI; under a pressure of 225 ATM.
The Phase Rule and Its Applications Alexander Findlay

In other words, if we take the mean case, an increase of pressure of more than 30 ATM.
The Phase Rule and Its Applications Alexander Findlay

automated teller machine
asynchronous transfer mode: used in digital communications, etc
(text messaging) at the moment
atmosphere (unit of pressure) Also at.

1976, acronym for automated teller machine (1974), which was developed in modern form c.1968.

atm or atm.

An abbreviation for automated teller machine. This is a computer terminal that takes the place of a human bank teller and allows the user to access basic bank services, such as making deposits and cash withdrawals from remote locations, twenty-four hours a day.

1. Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
2. Automatic Teller Machine – a cash dispenser.
3. At the moment.
4. Adobe Type Manager.
Adobe Type Manager
asynchronous transfer mode
at the moment
automated teller machine
automatic teller machine


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