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Atomic power

Historical Examples

As we now realize, atomic power cannot be utilized on a minute scale.
This Crowded Earth Robert Bloch

Ilg located an atomic power source, and fed the data to Pid.
Keep Your Shape Robert Sheckley

He wrote: Feudal anachronisms and atomic power, side by side.
Teething Ring James Causey

They had landed as close to the atomic power installation as they dared.
Keep Your Shape Robert Sheckley

But atomic power, like any other force of nature, is not evil in itself.
State of the Union Addresses of Harry S. Truman Harry S. Truman

In the first place, it’d be against me, not against the atomic power Authority.
Day of the Moron Henry Beam Piper

Dusk crept across the face of the planet as Pid maneuvered near the atomic power installation.
Keep Your Shape Robert Sheckley

Most of them were Earth’s ancient history, from earliest beginnings to the dawn of atomic power.
The Status Civilization Robert Sheckley

Well, it works on the same principle as the atomic power plant, only it doesn’t work except in a vacuum, hardly.
We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Hardly Roger Kuykendall

The engine room looked like some of the atomic power stations he’d seen.
The Hell Ship Raymond Alfred Palmer

another name for nuclear power


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