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to reduce to .
to reduce to fine particles or spray.
to destroy (a target) by bombing, especially with an .
to split into many sections, groups, factions, etc.; fragmentize:
Critics say the group has atomized around several leaders.
Contemporary Examples

Foer argues that our digital lives are giving way to atomization and deep societal alienation.
In Defense of Digital Communication Mira Sucharov June 18, 2013

Historical Examples

Adjusting and locking the nozzle regulates the degree of atomization.
Advanced Toy Making for Schools David M. Mitchell

to separate or be separated into free atoms
to reduce (a liquid or solid) to fine particles or spray or (of a liquid or solid) to be reduced in this way
(transitive) to destroy by weapons, esp nuclear weapons

1866, noun of action from atomize.

“reduce to atoms,” 1845; “reduce a liquid to a very fine mist,” 1865, verb formed from atom + -ize. Related: Atomized; atomizing. Originally in reference to medical treatment for injured or diseased lungs; sense of “to destroy with atomic weapons” is from 1945.


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