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American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.
Contemporary Examples

at&t is again a brand-name, probably because of the iPhone, as much as anything else.
Is Google the Next AOL? Peter Osnos April 13, 2009

That’ll be up to $145 for the Verizon version and $180 from at&t.
Apple’s iPhone Trade-in Program to Add Consumer Choice CNBC August 28, 2013

This makes the question then sound a bit like an at&t kindergarten focus group ad.
Millennials Unfriend Democrats Kristen Soltis Anderson March 10, 2014

This may be the case for a military communications specialist looking to work at at&t.
After Soldiering, a Challenging Transition Into Civilian Work Michael Lokesson April 7, 2013

And finally, on Monday, at&t announced a $39 billion deal to gobble up T-Mobile and its 46.5 million customers.
Top 20 Corporate Influencers The Daily Beast March 24, 2011

at&t may fail to realize that, but it will do so at its peril when customers will still easily be able to switch to Verizon.
The Friendly Cellphone Monopoly Zachary Karabell March 20, 2011

I take my lunch to work every day and we called our at&t service provider to lower our service.
Sequester Furloughs Force Government Workers to Change Financial and Career Plans Miranda Green August 9, 2013

But don’t think you can necessarily rest easy just because you’re on at&t.
Big Brother Is Watching Your Cell Phone Megan McArdle June 5, 2013

Project at&t called a temporary truce, the bar piano started playing again, and the world went back to normal.
The Web’s Dirtiest Site Douglas Rushkoff August 10, 2009

Unlike at&t, which is still rationing its bandwidth, Verizon wants customers to become increasingly dependent on its connection.
Google’s Better iPhone Douglas Rushkoff October 5, 2009

American Telephone and Telegraph Company


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