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a reddish-brown or golden-brown color.
having auburn color:
auburn hair.
a city in central New York: state prison.
a city in E Alabama.
a city in W central Washington.
a city in SW Maine, on the Androscoggin River.
a city in central Massachusetts.
Contemporary Examples

The shooting left three men dead, including two former auburn University football players, and three others wounded.
Interactive: Readers’ Memories of U.S. Shootings Michael Keller August 5, 2012

The Rev. J.C. Austin is director of the Center for Church Life at auburn Theological Seminary.
If Wall Street Repents, Can Main Street Forgive? Jacki Zehner, Katharine Rhodes Henderson November 20, 2009

The Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson is president of the auburn Theological Seminary in New York City.
Can Goldman Find God? Jacki Zehner, Katharine Rhodes Henderson November 13, 2009

From auburn to Army, at these colleges people rabidly support their basketball squads—no matter how squalid.
Top 25 Colleges With Diehard Fans The Daily Beast March 20, 2011

Watch Tim Cook deliver the 2010 commencement speech at auburn.
The Week in Viral Videos August 25, 2011

Historical Examples

Between Andy Bishop and this formidable giant from auburn was but the brave little daughter inside the hut.
The Secret of the Storm Country Grace Miller White

In the meantime, Carruthers had left for his station on the auburn River.
Reminiscences of Queensland William Henry Corfield

There is one other great holiday privilege at auburn, which some of the convicts appreciate more than I did.
The Autobiography of a Thief Hutchins Hapgood

He was smooth shaved, all but a short, thick, auburn whisker; his hair was brown.
A Simpleton Charles Reade

The morning sun, about four hours high, played through his rumpled hair, the auburn gleaming like flame.
The Argus Pheasant John Charles Beecham


a moderate reddish-brown colour
(as adjective): auburn hair


early 15c., from Old French auborne, from Medieval Latin alburnus “off-white, whitish,” from Latin albus “white” (see alb). It came to English meaning “yellowish-white, flaxen,” but shifted 16c. to “reddish-brown” under influence of Middle English brun “brown,” which also changed the spelling.


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