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the process of listening to and comprehending spoken language.


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  • Audio

    Electronics. designating an electronic apparatus using audio frequencies: audio amplifier. of, relating to, or employed in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound. of or relating to frequencies or signals in the audible range. Television. the audio elements of television (distinguished from ). the circuits in a receiver for reproducing sound. the audio part of […]

  • Audio book

    a recording of an oral reading of a book, often in abridged form. Contemporary Examples Badass Motherf**ker Samuel L. Jackson has given voice to the audio book version. Happy F**king Father’s Day Tony Doukopil June 16, 2011 noun a reading of a book recorded on tape

  • Audio card

    noun a printed circuit card that processes sound files and sends them to the computer’s speakers Examples Audio cards convert natural analog signals into digital signals that are stored and played by the computer. Usage Note computing

  • Audio cassette

    a cassette containing audiotape.

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