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Auditory hair

auditory hair

auditory hair n.
Any of the cilia on the free surface of the auditory cells.


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  • Auditory nerve

    either one of the eighth pair of cranial nerves, consisting of sensory fibers that conduct impulses from the organs of hearing and from the semicircular canals to the brain. Historical Examples It is from this sensitive spot that the auditory nerve carries the sound to the brain. A Handbook of Health Woods Hutchinson This membrane […]

  • Auditory phonetics

    the branch of phonetics dealing with the physiological processes involved in the reception of speech. noun (functioning as sing) the branch of phonetics concerned with the perception of speech sounds by humans Compare acoustic phonetics, articulatory phonetics

  • Auditory pit

    auditory pit auditory pit n. One of a pair of depressions, one on either side of the head of an embryo, marking the location of the future auditory vesicles.

  • Auditory receptor cell

    auditory receptor cell auditory receptor cell n. A columnar cell in the epithelium of the organ of Corti having hairs. Also called Corti’s cell.

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