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(NZ) an exclamation of pain, distress, or astonishment
Historical Examples

Whenever the kaolin of aue was discovered, Bttcher, on his first attempt, succeeded in making natural porcelain.
The Ceramic Art Jennie J. Young

Before this tyme I was callyd quene of heuen, lady of the world, but now any man wyll skarsly say aue Maria or hayle Mary.
The Pilgrimage of Pure Devotion Desiderius Erasmus

They beat their breasts, cut themselves with shells, crying loudly, aue!
White Shadows in the South Seas Frederick O’Brien

In 1709 he produced his true hard porcelain from natural earth obtained from aue, near Schneeberg.
Chats on Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Arthur Hayden

Also yet by thys tale they that be vnlearnyd in the laten tonge may know the sestence of the aue Maria.
Shakespeare Jest-Books; Unknown

They responded with a will, and then, as a second rocket shot upward, a deep “aue!”
John Frewen, South Sea Whaler Louis Becke

The words were—’aue Maria, gratia plena; Dominus tecum; benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus uentris tui.
Chaucer’s Works, Volume 5 (of 7) — Notes to the Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer

He reports that the aue platts & Kootanies in that quarter are also employed hunting beaver.
The Washington Historical Quarterly, Volume V, 1914 Various

Because they say, aue Csar, therefore they meane nothing against Csar.
Elizabethan and Jacobean Pamphlets Various


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