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resembling the in filthiness or degradation.
difficult and unpleasant:
an Augean chore.
Contemporary Examples

I had to chase the chickens back into the coop and close the door so I could finish with the Augean Stables of the chicken pen.
What Did TJ Mean By “Pursuit of Happiness,” Anyway? P. J. O’Rourke June 7, 2014

The Bush White House staff has begun the Augean task of spinning the Bush legacy.
Carnival of the Shameless Christopher Buckley January 3, 2009

Historical Examples

However the patriarch and his sons managed to cleanse this worse than Augean stable passes all understanding.
Bible Romances George W. Foote

It is an Augean stable we have to clean, but Hercules was one, and we are many.
The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 6, December 1864 Various

His mind was very far from his official duties and the mass of reminders before him—this Augean stable of arrears.
The Snare Rafael Sabatini

As well might Hercules have attempted to tidy up the Augean stables with a squirt.
Diary of a Pilgrimage Jerome K. Jerome

Dear innocent, wise enthusiast, with her impossible scheme for cleansing the Augean stable of this world!
The Dop Doctor Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

It was the river Alpheus that Hercules turned through the Augean stables.
Hints to Pilgrims Charles Stephen Brooks

Let it first regenerate the “Augean Stable” known to the world as Germany.
What Germany Thinks Thomas F. A. Smith

There are Augean stables enough and to spare for us to clean.
Freedom’s Battle Mahatma Gandhi

extremely dirty or corrupt

“filthy,” 1590s, in reference to Augean stable, the cleansing of which was one of the labors of Herakles, from Greek Augeias, like the stable of Augeas, king of Elis, which contained 3,000 oxen and had gone uncleansed for 30 years. Herakles purified it in one day by turning the river Alpheus through it.


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