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Augmented cognition

the study of the augmenting of human mental functions by computer programs Acronym AugCog


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  • Augmented roman

    . a writing system based on an expanded English alphabet, consisting of 43 characters representing different phonemes of spoken English, used for teaching beginners to read. Abbreviation: I.T.A., i.t.a.

  • Augmented sixth

    an interval greater than a major sixth by a chromatic half step. any of various chords having this as the characteristic interval.

  • Augmented transition network

    noun (in certain schools of linguistics) a formalism, usually expressed as a diagram, having the power of a Turing machine, used as the basis of processes transforming sentences into their syntactic representations ATN

  • Augmenter

    a person or thing that augments. Aviation, Rocketry. any auxiliary device, as an afterburner, for additional thrust from the exhaust of a jet or rocket engine. Historical Examples In the sinister chief, a crescent denoted his filiation; underneath was the motto “augmenter.” Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2) John Roby Men have placed Agni […]

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