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to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; increase:
His salary is augmented by a small inheritance.

to raise (the upper note of an interval or chord) by a half step.
to double the note values of (a theme):
In the fugue’s development the subject is augmented.

Grammar. to add an augment to.
Heraldry. to grant an augmentation to (a coat of arms).
to become larger.
Grammar. a prefixed vowel or a lengthening of the initial vowel that characterizes certain forms in the nonpresent inflection of verbs in Greek, Sanskrit, Armenian, and Phrygian.
Contemporary Examples

They’re augmented by globetrotters who want second and third homes in world-class cities.
Is Canada Having a Housing Bubble? And is It Popping? Megan McArdle January 14, 2013

The ARC4 augmented reality system is finally ready to move from the military to the marketplace.
Augmented Reality System Goes From Military to Market Rose Eveleth May 26, 2014

augmented reality has been a staple of science fiction since the dawn of computing.
Augmented Reality System Goes From Military to Market Rose Eveleth May 26, 2014

Active-duty personnel alone amount to more than 1.3 million people, augmented by another 800,000 reservists.
Let’s Put Things in Perspective: You’re Still Safer on a Military Base Robert Beckhusen April 6, 2014

Many have augmented local police to establish a city defense force in preparation for an attack by ISIS.
Kurdish Forces are Pushing Back Against ISIS, Gaining Ground Around Mosul Andrew Slater June 12, 2014

Historical Examples

The strength of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force was augmented, much artillery being added, besides three divisions of infantry.
With the British Army in The Holy Land Henry Osmond Lock

Every attention which was now paid to me augmented my dear mother’s apprehensions.
Beaux and Belles of England Mary Robinson

Here lies a bookseller, the leaf of his life being finished, awaiting a new edition, augmented and corrected.
Curious Epitaphs William Andrews

This attachment was only augmented by the difficulty of seeing each other.
The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete Duc de Saint-Simon

Never there to fore so Clearly laid open, and here and there very diligently bettered and augmented for the use of all Seamen.
Nautical Charts G. R. Putnam

(music) (of an interval) increased or expanded from the state of being perfect or major by the raising of the higher note or the dropping of the lower note by one semitone: C to G is a perfect fifth, but C to G sharp is an augmented fifth Compare diminished (sense 2)

denoting a chord based upon an augmented triad: an augmented seventh chord
denoting a triad consisting of the root plus a major third and an augmented fifth
(postpositive) (esp in jazz) denoting a chord having as its root the note specified: D augmented

having been increased, esp in number: an augmented orchestra
verb (ɔːɡˈmɛnt)
to make or become greater in number, amount, strength, etc; increase
(transitive) (music) to increase (a major or perfect interval) by a semitone Compare diminish (sense 3)
(transitive) (in Greek and Sanskrit grammar) to prefix a vowel or diphthong to (a verb) to form a past tense
noun (ˈɔːɡmɛnt)
(in Greek and Sanskrit grammar) a vowel or diphthong prefixed to a verb to form a past tense

past participle adjective from augment, c.1600. Musical sense is attested from 1825.

c.1400, from Old French augmenter “increase, enhance” (14c.), from Late Latin augmentare “to increase,” from Latin augmentum “an increase,” from augere “to increase, make big, enlarge, enrich,” from PIE root *aug- “to increase” (cf. Sanskrit ojas- “strength;” Lithuanian augu “to grow,” aukstas “high, of superior rank;” Greek auxo “increase,” auxein “to increase;” Gothic aukan “to grow, increase;” Old English eacien “to increase”). Related: Augmented; augmenting. As a noun from early 15c.


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