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(often capital) a type of circus clown who usually wears battered ordinary clothes and is habitually maladroit or unlucky
Historical Examples

auguste rose with an oath, and then stood facing his cousin like a man struck dumb, his hands dropped.
The Crossing Winston Churchill

Then heavy steps were heard, and auguste reappeared with a gendarme.
Fantmas Pierre Souvestre

It seems that there have been some important happenings here, continued auguste.
The Milkmaid of Montfermeil (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XX) Charles Paul de Kock

I did not confide my intentions to anyone, not even to auguste.
Valerie Frederick Marryat

That night auguste lay on his corn-husk mattress wondering whether he should try to run away when they took him out.
Shaman Robert Shea

auguste bowed, and, as I returned the salute, looked earnestly at me and started.
Valerie Frederick Marryat

With that, La Thomassinire abruptly left the salon, without saluting auguste, whom he left there alone.
The Milkmaid of Montfermeil (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XX) Charles Paul de Kock

I beg you will tell him that auguste has come, and that I request he will let me know when we may wait on him?
Valerie Frederick Marryat

At that moment auguste could distinguish nothing clearly; his eyes were filled with tears, which rolled unnoticed down his cheeks.
The Milkmaid of Montfermeil (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XX) Charles Paul de Kock

Me, moreover, and auguste she was to carry down forthwith in the carriage.
Valerie Frederick Marryat


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