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Saint, a.d. 354–430, one of the Latin fathers in the early Christian Church; author; bishop of Hippo in N Africa.
Saint (Austin) died a.d. 604, Roman monk: headed group of missionaries who landed in England a.d. 597 and began the conversion of the English to Christianity; first archbishop of Canterbury 601–604.
a male given name, form of .
Contemporary Examples

Christians themselves, to Augustine and his later followers, are the living body of Christ.
Garry Wills’s Religion Book Bag Garry Wills February 11, 2013

Augustine told me that a university official said they were treating the list like regular graffiti.
Someone Is Writing Lists of ‘Rapists’ on Columbia’s Walls Olivia Nuzzi May 13, 2014

And an unjust law, as Saint Augustine said, is no law at all.
Alex Haley’s 1965 Playboy Interview with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Alex Haley January 18, 2014

Oh, and another thought on yesterday’s post: I wonder if the binding on Saint Augustine’s book would have seemed Middle Eastern.
A Saint’s Fancy Dress Blake Gopnik March 6, 2013

I suspect his final opera omni in a critical German edition will equal in length that of Augustine, Aquinas, and Bonaventure.
Benedict the Philosopher Justin Green March 2, 2013

Historical Examples

Sal-vo-di-no was their chief before the present one, Augustine.
The Aboriginal Population of the North Coast of California Sherburne Friend Cook

Augustine, Ambrose, Gregory, and Jerome—being the favourite subjects.
English Villages P. H. Ditchfield

But Augustine sharply answered that she did not like the old man.
L’Assommoir Emile Zola

Augustine pretended that she didn’t understand, but her ears were wide open.
L’Assommoir Emile Zola

Upon both porches towers were built at a date which cannot be ascertained, but was probably later than the time of Augustine.
The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church A. Hamilton Thompson

Saint. 354–430 ad, one of the Fathers of the Christian Church; bishop of Hippo in North Africa (396–430), who profoundly influenced both Catholic and Protestant theology. His most famous works are Confessions, a spiritual autobiography, and De Civitate Dei, a vindication of the Christian Church. Feast day: Aug 28
Saint. died 604 ad, Roman monk, sent to Britain (597 ad) to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity and to establish the authority of the Roman See over the native Celtic Church; became the first archbishop of Canterbury (601–604). Feast day: May 26 or 27
a member of an Augustinian order

c.1400 in reference to members of the religious order named for St. Augustine the Great (354-430), bishop of Hippo.
Augustine [(aw-guh-steen, aw-gus-tin)]

An important teacher in the Christian church, who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. After a dramatic conversion to Christianity, Augustine became a bishop. He is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. His works include The City of God and his autobiography, Confessions.


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