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inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic:
an august performance of a religious drama.
venerable; eminent:
an august personage.
Historical Examples

augustness, nothing but the harsh voice of the wood-cutter’s daughter.
The Ninth Vibration And Other Stories L. Adams Beck

augustness, how should such a lady carry in her arms a bundle of firewood?
The Ninth Vibration And Other Stories L. Adams Beck

augustness, nothing but the country wench and moon and snow.
The Ninth Vibration And Other Stories L. Adams Beck

augustness, the dull eyes of this slave are blinded with beauty.
The Ninth Vibration And Other Stories L. Adams Beck

The child murmured, Let me stay in the bright presence of your augustness.
Japanese Fairy Tales Grace James

But neither consolidation nor augustness are decisive marks of truth.
Pragmatism William James

In ten minutes more, without fail, the water will be at right heat for your augustness.
The Dragon Painter Mary McNeil Fenollosa

And His augustness Izanagi wept aloud, dropping his tears upon her feet and upon her pillow.
Japanese Fairy Tales Grace James

And the augustness only vanished with the light of the new lamps I lighted before Shijiro’s tablet.
The Way of the Gods John Luther Long

dignified or imposing: an august presence
of noble birth or high rank: an august lineage
the eighth month of the year, consisting of 31 days

1660s, from Latin augustus “venerable, majestic, magnificent, noble,” probably originally “consecrated by the augurs, with favorable auguries” (see augur (n.)); or else “that which is increased” (see augment).

eighth month, 1097, from Latin Augustus (mensis), sixth month of the later Roman calendar, renamed from Sextilis in 8 B.C.E. to honor emperor Augustus Caesar, literally “Venerable Caesar” (see august (adj.)). In England, the name replaced native Weodmonað “weed month.”


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