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Informal. .
Contemporary Examples

Tell her we need to borrow one of her chadri for auntie Malika; tell her we will return it to her in just a few days.
When Everything Changed Gayle Tzemach Lemmon March 10, 2011

He was the “uncle” just as the BBC is affectionately known as “auntie.”
Jimmy Savile Sex-Abuse Scandal Taints Entire Era in Britain Peter Jukes October 30, 2012

Historical Examples

auntie May looked at it all in quite a discontented fashion.
The Chronicles of Rhoda Florence Tinsley Cox

And so she did, auntie, but I told her to; and wasn’t I such a coward for laying it off on little Prudy?
Little Prudy Sophie May

auntie”—eyes and voice were pleading—“auntie, the—the things—this paper says—they never happened, did they?
Counsel for the Defense Leroy Scott

I don’t want anybody but just you, now that auntie Dora is away.
Floyd Grandon’s Honor Amanda Minnie Douglas

Dear Aunt Ellen and auntie helped with the nursing, and father even stayed home some days to help!
A Portrait of Old George Town Grace Dunlop Ecker

“I think she may come down just for half an hour, auntie,” said Hilda, smiling.
A Young Mutineer Mrs. L. T. Meade

Ballure—auntie Nan—his father’s death brightened by one hope—the last, but ah!
The Manxman Hall Caine

“So you’ve begun already,” said auntie, laughing, but relieved.
Cricket at the Seashore Elizabeth Westyn Timlow

noun (pl) -ies
a familiar or diminutive word for aunt
(Austral, informal, derogatory) an older male homosexual
(Brit) an informal name for the BBC
(Austral, informal) the Australian Broadcasting Association

1787, also aunty, familiar diminutive form of aunt. As a form of kindly address to an older woman to whom one is not related, originally in southern U.S., of elderly slave women.

The negro no longer submits with grace to be called “uncle” or “auntie” as of yore. [“Harper’s Magazine,” October 1883]


Any elderly, esp black, woman (1800s+)


An antimissile missile

[Air Force; fr humorous mispronunciation of anti]


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