Aurea mediocritas

the golden mean.
Historical Examples

These noble words were said on the sill of the door, above which was written, “aurea mediocritas.”
The Lesser Bourgeoisie Honore de Balzac

“aurea mediocritas,” exclaimed my uncle, delighted with his quotation.
The Ink-Stain, Complete Rene Bazin

Horace was wrong, mediocre poets may exist (now and then), and he was a wise man who first spoke of aurea mediocritas.
Letters to Dead Authors Andrew Lang

This aurea mediocritas was but little satisfactory to Mme. de Marville.
Cousin Pons Honore de Balzac

This is the aurea mediocritas, or modest competence, the excellence of which was recognized by the ancients.
The Sexual Question August Forel

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