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a radiance surrounding the head or the whole figure in the representation of a sacred personage.
any encircling ring of light or color; halo.
Astronomy, (def 3).
Geology. a zone of altered country rock around an igneous intrusion.
Historical Examples

aureole, deeply in debt, found the weather too warm for effort, and decided to let things rip.
Twos and Threes G. B. Stern

There was an aureole of fine hairs about them which gave them the appearance of angel’s wings.
In the Control Tower Will Mohler

Mademoiselle hid his light under a bushel by laying a fold of shawl over his head and aureole.
Stories by American Authors, Volume 7 Various

The moonlight caught her grey hair and burnished it to an aureole of silver.
Jan and Her Job L. Allen Harker

aureole began to scribble feverishly on the back of her programme, which she then folded into a note.
Twos and Threes G. B. Stern

aureole: a ring of color which is usually diffuse outwardly.
Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology John. B. Smith

For gilding over a whole surface, as for instance an aureole round the head of a saint, the following is the best method.
The Decoration of Leather Georges de Rcy

She shook out her long hair and it stretched about her like an aureole.
Mrs. Craddock W. Somerset Maugham

The same evening, aureole had an earnest confabulation with her partner.
Twos and Threes G. B. Stern

aureole let her eyes follow the disappearing craft that contained Peter.
Twos and Threes G. B. Stern

(esp in paintings of Christian saints and the deity) a border of light or radiance enveloping the head or sometimes the whole of a figure represented as holy
a less common word for halo
another name for corona (sense 2)

early 13c., from Latin aureola (corona), fem. diminutive of aureus “golden” (see aureate). In medieval Christianity, the celestial crown worn by martyrs, virgins, etc., as victors over the flesh.

A band of metamorphic rock surrounding a body of cooled magma. Aureoles form through the process of contact metamorphism. See more at contact metamorphism.

See corona.


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