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Auricular tubercle

auricular tubercle

auricular tubercle n.
See Darwinian tubercle.


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  • Auricularia

    the bilaterally symmetrical, ciliated larva of a holothurian. Historical Examples The presence of two rings instead of one distinguishes the Bipinnaria from the auricularia. The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume II (of 4) Francis Maitland Balfour With a few exceptions the auricularia type of larva is common to the Holothuria. The Works of Francis […]

  • Auriculate

    having or earlike parts. shaped like an ear. Historical Examples The auriculate hafting area is usually contracted rounded, but may be parallel rounded or expanded rounded. Handbook of Alabama Archaeology: Part I Point Types James W. Cambron The hafting area is auriculate and may be pointed or rounded. Handbook of Alabama Archaeology: Part I Point […]

  • Auriculin


  • Auriculotemporal

    auriculotemporal auriculotemporal au·ric·u·lo·tem·po·ral (ô-rĭk’yə-lō-těm’pər-əl, -těm’prəl) adj. Of or relating to the auricle of the ear and the temple.

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