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  • Austr-

    variant of before a vowel.

  • Austral

    . (initial capital letter) . a monetary unit of Argentina, equal to 100 centavos: replaced the peso in 1985. (def 6). . . . Historical Examples Whilst that in the other hemisphere he calls south, austral or antarctic. Makers of Electricity Brother Potamian Certainly he was not on board the austral, as I took my […]

  • Austral islands

    plural noun another name for the Tubuai Islands

  • Australasia

    , New Zealand, and neighboring islands in the S Pacific Ocean. Contemporary Examples A point I made in my 2007 book Comeback: back in 1985, NATO plus Japan plus Australasia produced 50% of world GDP. Is Decline Optional? David Frum February 15, 2012 Historical Examples Thus South America and Australasia alone are left as the […]

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