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automatic baud rate detection


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  • Autocide

    suicide by crashing the vehicle one is driving. noun a chemical created by bacteria that is toxic only to other bacteria of the same species Word Origin auto ‘self, one’s own’

  • Autocidal

    adjective (of insect pest control) effected by the introduction of sterile or genetically altered individuals into the wild population

  • Autoclave

    a heavy vessel for conducting chemical reactions under high pressure. pressure cooker. Medicine/Medical, Bacteriology. an apparatus in which steam under pressure effects sterilization. to place in an autoclave. Historical Examples The author found that in an autoclave of the type shown in Fig. 81 it required ten minutes for 500 cc. The Fundamentals of Bacteriology […]

  • Autoclasis

    autoclasis autoclasis au·toc·la·sis (ô-tŏk’lə-sĭs) or au·to·cla·si·a (ô’tō-klā’zē-ə) n. A breaking up or rupturing from intrinsic or internal causes. Progressive, immunologically induced tissue destruction.

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