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an aboriginal inhabitant.
Ecology. one of the indigenous animals or plants of a region.
Geology. a geological formation formed in the region where found.
Historical Examples

He is earth-born, autochthon, and holds possession by descent.
The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies Walter Besant

autochthon, aw-tok′thon, n. one of the primitive inhabitants of a country: an aboriginal:—pl.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

To the third pair of twins he gave the name Mneseus to the elder, and autochthon to the one who followed him.
The Wonder Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes Edwin J. Houston

Tchekoff is a true product of Russian literature, an autochthon plant, nourished by his natal sap.
Contemporary Russian Novelists Serge Persky

To the elder of the third pair of twins he gave the name Mneseus, and autochthon to the one who followed him.
Critias Plato

noun (pl) -thons, -thones (-θəˌniːz)
(often pl) one of the earliest known inhabitants of any country; aboriginal
an animal or plant that is native to a particular region

1640s, “one sprung from the soil he inhabits” (plural autochthones), from Greek autokhthon “aborigines, natives,” literally “sprung from the land itself,” used of the Athenians and others who claimed descent from the Pelasgians, from auto- “self” (see auto-) + khthon “land, earth, soil” (see chthonic).


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