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Auxiliary equation

characteristic equation (def 1b).


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  • Auxiliary language

    a language, as Esperanto, Swahili, or English, used for intercommunication by speakers of various other languages. Historical Examples It sins against the cardinal principle that an auxiliary language shall inflict no damage upon any natural one. International Language Walter J. Clark It would be the same with the official recognition by a group of powerful […]

  • Auxiliary storage

    secondary storage. storage An obsolete term for a hard disk drive. (1997-04-14)

  • Auxiliary memory

    secondary storage.

  • Auxiliary note

    a melodic ornamental tone following a principal tone by a step above or below and returning to the principal tone; embellishment. Historical Examples If the half-tone, what would be the name of the auxiliary note? Piano Playing Josef Hofmann In the accompanying example of the trill should the auxiliary note be a tone or a […]

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